about us

we are a photography duo who decided to join forces in an effort to offer a unique, efficient, and personalized portrait experience. our goal is to promote a fun and effortless session for every client.
sydney vinson

sydney graduated from the university of houston in 2009 with a ba in art history and a minor in photography. she has been working as a professional photographer for more than 10 years. she loves to constantly discover fun, new creative projects and spend whatever leftover time she has on traveling the world.

katy barron

katy first discovered her love for photography while attending the high school for the performing and visual arts in houston tx. she then graduated from the university of houston photography // digital media program with a bfa in 2013. she continues to work as an artist and portrait photographer in the houston area.

why are 2 photographers better than 1?

  • two unique perspectives
  • double the quantity in the same amount of time
  • as two acting photographers, we can easily predict each others' needs during a shoot rather than having to stop and direct an assistant to do it
  • havint two photographers ensures that one of us is always focused on getting the shot while the other can focus on engaging the subjects

At times, we may be simultaneously snapping shots, or one of us will be shooting while the other might be making adjustments to lights, subjects, or focused on getting a good laugh!


get a unique photography experience that only having
two photographers can provide


For a 1 to 1.5 hour photoshoot at a location of your choice, 2 photographers, digital files of all edited photos - $400 - that's it! Nothing else. We don't charge an additional amount to download images or place a limit on how many edite dimages you will get. Typically our clients receive 20 to 80 final images. In our experience, the amount of images depends on the shoot (we do our darndest to entertain and find ways to achieve those natural smiles, but good moods and willingness to have fun while having a camera invade your personal space goes a long way too!).

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